make me choose
loljkilikeyoonamore asked you: L or Myungsoo

cutie mimi \(o u o)/

look at those body waves (♥‿♥。)

make me choose; sunny or tiffany or iu asked by anon and minniseok

myungsoo imitating sunggyu’s imitation of a rice cooker

make me choose: sohyun long hair or short hair for anon

ABC's of Kang Daesung

D-5 to Daesung’s Birthday (14.04.26)

"Daesung, when he first came, YG just, you know, at first kinda like introduced him as like the ugliest one…when we first heard him sing, it was determined, like ok, that is a very very nice voice. He became like the most popular. I remember fans dropping off gifts for him and everything like that you know, ‘this is for Daesung? This is for Daesung too?’" - Danny (1TYM), MNET Headliner Series

IU forever laughing at her own gags

ABC's of Kang Daesung

D-7 to Daesung’s Birthday (14.04.26)

get to know me meme: (1/5) female biases - lee jieun (iu)