My Lovely Girl E01 - Yoon Sena

minah tried to let out some of her deep inner artistic dreams but hyeri was having none of it

he’s the most excited about his own divorce

여진구. Yeo Jin Goo

happy 6th anniversary, lee jieun!
you’ve accomplished so much in the last year! a new drama, your third and fourth albums, your first written single (and an all-kill without promotions at that!), countless concerts, new endorsements and so much more! your growth as an artist has never been so clear. we’re so proud of all your accomplishments! and all throughout the year you’ve remained just as sweet, adorable and dorky as you’ve always been. thank you for always thinking of your fans, and for giving us fanservice no other artist’s fans can get! uaenas will be here for you next year and for every year after~ we love you!♡ #6yearswithIU

(9/18/08 - 9/18/14) Happy 6th Anniversary IU

“You know how there’s nothing between “I” and “U”?  It means that through my music, nothing can come between you and I.” #6YearsWithIU

(9/18/08 - 9/18/14) Happy 6th Anniversary IU

It’s not something that great, but to be able to brighten up the lives of everyone or give everyone some strength, even if it’s just a little…just being able to bring about some kind of change makes me happy.

IU in reply to the question ‘How do you lend support to your fans through your songs?’ ♡ Thank you for brightening the lives of Uaenas everywhere. Happy 6th anniversary and here’s to many more! #아이유데뷔6주년 #6yearswithiu 


Myungsoo’s photo shoot poster for My lovely girl

minah through the eras for anonymous.