Park Shin Hye & Kang Ha Neul for “YoGiYo” CF

1992 ♡ 2014
Go Eun Bi

You know, I know

If you want it,

I’ll take you home

'Cause we're gonna

Party All Night

Season 2 - "The Plague" trailer

"When it comes to being a match, the most important thing is sexual affinity. For these two, it’s amazing!" 

Where are we going? Into Darkness x

@caitlinstasey: Insulting someone by accusing them of being a ‘girl’ or ‘gay’ is about as offensive as calling them a human.


Zuko — Still Awkward 70 Years Later



Two Queens and one throne…

Music Video → Wilber潘瑋柏 & Rainie楊丞琳 打呼

when will your fave be multilingual (but confusing lol) like them?

[RM 198] I’m going to bet on you guys! :)

EP197: Little sister Yoo Hyuk