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Favorite relationships, Hermione & Ron [8/10]

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“Indeed, life is full of surprises. The worst comes with the best. But we can get through life because sometimes the best comes with the worst. Marriage will concern both our families, not just us. We’ll experience discomfort due to other family issues. Nevertheless, I think marriage is totally worth it if you and I can spend even a moment together”.

"What naughty thoughts were you thinking about?"

"There’s no such thing as eternal love. Nevertheless, I want to love you forever".
- “You can’t trust any men. Nevertheless, I want to trust you”.

Ga-eul-yang, do you believe in soulmates?

Devil Beside You vs. Why Why Love - Close your eyes…


Some might not consider Finn’s letter to be a “love” letter but in a way, I do. No, it isn’t your standard type of love letter of him declaring love or saying how fit and lovely she is. But, I like to call it a Finn Nelson type of “love” letter. He writes her a letter to not only to say ‘hi’ but also to tell her he misses her. Basically saying he’s been thinking about her. To tell her how amazing she is and how good of a person she is and that’s why their friends need and depend on her. Finn has never been the type to tell Rae that he likes her for her looks and to me that is so important because we live in a world where we feel that we will only be loved by the way we look above anything else. That’s not to say he doesn’t believe she’s beautiful, because I’m pretty sure he does but that’s not the reason he fell in love with her. It’s the qualities in her that make him love her. The letter came at such a pivotal moment in Rae’s life too because I feel like she desperately needed to be reminded of all this. That’s why I love that it wasn’t a normal type of “love” letter but a letter that stated her importance not only in his life but others as well and to me that’s love.


The Harry Potter movies added many scenes that I disagree with.


This is not one of them.

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